Kingsdown Mattresses may not be the biggest mattress manufacturer compared to some of the big and medium-sized mattress companies. However, they do hold the principle that they make the smartest mattresses in the world. Kingsdown Mattresses is one of the only manufacturers that test every mattress they make. They assure customers that every Kingsdown mattress that’s purchased will feel the same as the mattress that’s tested in store. Customers can tell the difference in quality of sleep once trying a Kingsdown product.

Kingsdown is an employee-owned organization that does not answer to third-party investors. When creating mattresses they base their research and innovation based on their customers.

Kingsdown continues to use advance sleep technology to build their mattresses. Their database has more than 9 million body profiles that inform their innovation, so they can design smarter mattresses that offer ideal spinal health and body alignment.

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